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What Others Are Saying...

“Dr. Mary draws from her own experience and shares with us the wisdom that she has gained and lessons learned along the way to set up a strong foundation for a successful graduation. We all go through different kinds and levels of graduation at different points in our lives. Wish I had this book sooner. Dr. Mary shares valuable pearls of wisdom about how good nutrition supports overall well being so that you can accomplish your mission with success.

Caroline Aslanian

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I chose this rating because it has sound advice for career goals, how to begin putting meals together now that you are on your own, which tools to use, like the garlic rocker all the way to which cutting board, knife or juicer to use. There are also fabulous recipes in this book such as how to transport your salad so that the dressing doesn’t wilt the lettuce! I also love the letters written to Mark from successful people to inspire our youth and even some of us older people who are looking for that second career! I love the fact that the resources are easy to see and go to for further information! I think this is a mandatory gift to give to my children – everything school didn’t teach them and more! Wonderful “nutrition” for both the mind and the body! Good job Dr. Mary and Mark Wendt on putting all of your knowledge in such a digestible and fun manner! Love the contributors as well, fabulous job and at such a affordable price! A wealth of information and you don’t have to be strictly plant-based to appreciate all of the good advice in this book!”

Angie Rios

“Thank You for such a wonderfully very good book! Excellent information told very well! Highly knowledgable authors! Wonderful gift idea!”

Cynthia L Klingler